Rooney Reminisces His Days with Guardiola

Wayne Rooney is today the all-time top scorer of goals for United. He started as a wonder kid who debuted at 16 years of age with a top score at Toffees. Thus his career started at Everton. Here he was dubbed wonder kid and he started his career in Manchester United in 2004 with a price tag of €25.6 million. In the summer of 2017, he returned back to the club of his boyhood days.

In May this year, he reminisced to the press how Everton was able to get under Pep Guardiola’s skin at a time when Wayne was under Manchester City’s reign. The Blues were hosting the Merseyside opponents in August 2017. It was a Monday night match when they started the campaign for another year after a trophy-less year had expired.

The match proved to be frustrating as well since all that Guardiola’s team could muster in that game was a draw. As a result, Guardiola was worried about the problems of the City. It was evident that the problems would take time to improve, even if the team had to aim for the silverware. However, the chairman intervened and told the manager that he had the backing that he needed that year. Indeed, that match was probably the last time that City lost points in a game of the Premier League. After that, Wayne remembers how they fought in every other game and set the record with 18 wins in a consecutive manner on their way to gaining the final title.
Rooney stated that Everton used several tactics for stopping the Blues. It included enhanced communication among the players. He states that the match they played at Etihad resulted in a score of 4-2-2-2. Though Guardiola felt frustrated with the match, it was tough for the players. That is because they had to let the City players have the ball at a wide-angle. Hence, from a player’s perspective, it was a difficult match for the players whereas the manager could only feel the frustration of the lack of form of the team.