Scholes defend Wayne Rooney

Former Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes believes that the criticisms targeted towards Wayne Rooney are unfair and that he believes that the player is doing his best on the field.

Indeed Rooney has been the subject of intense criticism in recent weeks after a poor start to the season and was even benched by Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho. However, there are signs that the player is fighting back and recent performances with his club has shown that Wayne Rooney is gradually coming back to his best.

Paul Scholes believes that Rooney is a fighter and that he is desperate to prove his critics wrong. He said that he was impressed by the performance of the player when he got on the pitch for the game against Arsenal and he believes that his coming back to his best.

Scholes said that he has played with Rooney for quite some time and he knows his dedication on and off the pitch. He stated that all the critics come from people that are not directly connected with the club as the others know how much effort Wayne Rooney put in in his training.

Paul Scholes believes that Wayne Rooney is not on the decline and that he will fight back and become even stronger. He said that the Manchester United forward has successfully adapted himself to Jose Mourinho’s playing style and he believes that sooner or later his performance will improve.

He believes that the player is still a massive one for England and that the national side still needs him on the pitch. He is not only a good player but also an outstanding leader that can help motivate the younger players to perform. Paul Scholes has urged Manchester United and England fans to give Rooney some time to rediscover his form.