Rooney Helps Solskjaer With His New Appointment

Solskjaer stated that Wayne Rooney was a big help in getting the Man City in a positive mode within a short time. The Norwegian, who is now 45 years of age, has been temporarily appointed after Jose Mourinho was sacked recently. He stated that the advice and encouragement that Rooney gave him was helpful. He has the responsibility to work on breathing life back into a club that is stagnating. However, the match that was immediately scheduled after his appointment ended with a triumph of a 5-1 score in Cardiff City.

Ole Gunnar admitted that the words of the former star player of Manchester United, Wayne Rooney was helpful in guiding him on how to motivate the players who were in the midst of a managerial change. The first match was scheduled on Saturday; two days after Gunnar took charge. He stated that the advice that Wayne gave him was very helpful. He stated that Rooney advised that he had to allow the players to enjoy themselves and play the game the way they do best. With the triumph that the club gained it is a sign that this worked. Solskjaer states that most players felt shackled and careworn. Hence, what they needed was to feel liberates so that they could attack with their pace and score.

“Rooney was right about what the players needed and this was one of the first matches since Alex Ferguson had been put in charge“ which happened in 2013 when the club was able to score high in a league match. Cardiff was also in a poor state but “the win has definitely “been motivating for the team and thumbs up for Gunnar. Even Rooney, being an ex-player, was elated and shared the feeling of free-spiritedness among the players. He stated that it was inspirational watching the players playing unshackled and it was apparent that Ole had given them that sense of freedom.