Joe Cole Talks about being a Boy Wonder

Joe Cole, former attacking midfielder or winger and an English football coach working three days at the Chelsea Academy spoke about his journey as a teenage prodigy and how he was just like everyone else, in an interview

The tale of Joe Cole signing his first professional contract with west ham united will be told time and again and people will proudly confess being witness to such an event, were the thoughts of Upton Park stadium announcer.Manchester United tried to bring in the player at the age of seventeen but he wanted to play with his mates and so he stayed with the Hams.
“When he became a part of the Hams, there was a rumor that he earned £5,000 a week, said a newspaper article when he did not. But because“ of this rumor, everyone targeted him; people started acting differently around him. Although he laughed it off he hated how a rumor could spoil everything. Even a teacher made a comment at him sarcastically. No one considered the impact it was having upon him. He said that the streets are full of talent and there were players who were better than him but they just didn’t make it to the long run because“ they couldn’t handle everything“ that came with the fame.

He said that maybe he was ignorant of the pressure he was playing under and that it proved to be a good thing for him. He made mistakes in public and still kept going. He faced furious opponents and unsupportive teammates but he also had seniors in the team he could talk to and he proved his legacy. He also talked about how much he didn’t want to give up on football but he had to do it someday. The player still plays five-a-side regularly, as he turned to a veteran from being a boy wonder.