Juan Mata’s arrival to Manchester United has not only given the fans of the club a glimpse of hope that Moyes might just be able to finish this Premier League campaign in the top 5 spots and hopefully secure a spot in the Champions League of the next season.

Unfortunately for Manchester United, Juan Mata’s introduction at the club has not made the initial spark that everyone was wishing for. During the 1st match that Van Persie, Juan Mata and Wayne Rooney played together in the same starting lineup for David Moyes, they suffered a 2-1 defeat against Stoke City.

Even though the Spanish midfielder has not made the same splash that Van Persie did during his debut season with Manchester United, Rooney remains optimistic that all 3 attacking powerhouses can form a successful trio that can push Manchester United into the higher spots of the Premier League.

"Obviously I've known Robin and played with him for quite a while now and for Juan Mata to come in, you can see his intelligence as a football player," said Rooney.
"He's comfortable on the ball and he can score and create goals for us, so it’s really exciting for myself and the rest of the team to have him come in and hopefully we can all work well and play well together

"When you've got players with his ability, with Robin's ability, and the other players we've got on the team, who can all help us be successful and win games. That's what we want to do and try and be entertaining at the same time." Rooney said as he downplayed the situation that United are going through.

Juan Mata arrived from Chelsea with a price tag of €37.1 million as Moyes was desperate to find players that can solve some of their main problems that United has been suffering from in this season.