Hamann Believes Rooney Has Poor Work Ethic

Dietmar Hamann believes that Wayne Rooney has not been able to get himself into the category of great players so far because of his poor work ethic.

According to Hamann, talent is not the only thing required to achieve greatness. You need to add hard work, determination, focus and attitude to that. Only, then you can become role model for the kids all over the world.

In the Words of the former Liverpool man, “For sportspersons especially those who are willing to be called great, attitude is very important. You can’t be partying hard like a brat. That might have a bad affect on the mental side of your game. This is where I believe somebody like Ronaldo is better than Rooney.”

“Rooney, right since he came into the arena, had the potential to be one of the greats of the game, but, he hasn’t managed to reach up to that level as yet. Ronaldo, on the other hand, has done that and that’s because his attitude is much better. He puts in the hard yards. Look how he takes the free kicks. You would rarely see him off target. He’s not become this good overnight. He’s done months and months of hard work.”

Rooney has been named the skipper of his club Man U following the exit of Nemanja Vidic.

When asked about that, Hamman said, “That’s not such a bad move. It might bring the A game out of Rooney and Van Gaal is very good at these things. He knows exactly how to lift a player and to get him performing to the level he is capable of.”

This is Rooney’s 10th summer at United. In more than 300 league appearances for the club till now, he has scored 159 goals.