Manchester United suffered their 6th home defeat when playing against Manchester City and when the match concluded, Wayne Rooney went on saying that one of the reasons on why things have taken such a turn in this season is because the opposition they face in Old Trafford are simply not scared of playing anymore.

"I don't know but it's not good enough. We can't lose six homes games in a season and we have to put that right, and make this a place which teams fear again. It's probably been the story of our season so far that we've got a couple of good results and then one which sets us back a bit. We know we have to respond. It's a bad night for us all but we have to move on." Rooney said.

According to the English forward of Manchester United, the ‘fear factor’ of playing in the home turf of the club is gone which was something that gave them a big advantage the previous seasons.

Rooney is hoping that his teammates can bounce back from their defeat against their rivals Manchester City and perform well for their upcoming Champions League match against Bayern Munich.

"No-one likes to lose a derby game they’re big games and they're great to win, but when you lose it's not a great feeling. For the fans and for us, we have to win more and stay together’’. Rooney added.

Manchester United will certainly need to bounce back from their defeat if they want to have any chance of getting a positive result against Bayern Munich. The German club has already been crowned as the champions of their league after rampaging past everything and everyone in their path which led them on securing 19 consecutive league victories as well as securing the Bundesliga trophy for another consecutive season.