The association of Rooney and Mourinho could have happened a lot earlier

The association of Rooney and Mourinho could have happened a lot earlier as the striker’s transfer to West London was a definite possibility before the 2013-14 Season.

Mourinho was back to Bridge for another spell and one of the first transfers he was looking for to get his fresh spell started was of Rooney from Old Trafford and he had been really pushing for it. The situation was however well managed by David Moyes as he succeeded in preventing Rooney from dumping the Red shirt for the Blue one.

Nevertheless, the charismatic personalities of Rooney and Mourinho have finally associated three years down the line as the latter has now made his way to United and Rooney says due to Portuguese joining the club, he will have more drive in him in the season coming up.

On asked for his thoughts on Mourinho, the skipper said, “You don’t have to say much really. His success speaks everything itself, doesn’t it? But, while I do admire him for the high quality coach he is, I also admire him for his personality in general. Jose is a really good person.”

“There has not been an occasion when I have a walk in the park countering any of the sides he’s coaching. You can’t get on top of his sides easily. You see majority of his sides have been the champions and it is for sure down to the fact that he is a great, great technician.”

“It’s not as if I have ever found myself lacking motivation on the pitch, but, frankly speaking, change in leadership would give a slightly extra bit of drive to me and to everyone else in the team. Everyone would want to leave an impression on new coach.”