Andros Townsend saw it as almost the end of the Euro hopes for him

When he was demoted to the junior squad by his Spurs manager, Andros Townsend saw it as almost the end of the Euro hopes for him, but, only for the Magpies to come in the rescue and take him away to St. James Park with a bid of twelve million Pounds.

Needless to say in the situation of that deal not taking place Townsend would have been on his holidays by now, sunbathing himself somewhere and not packing his bags for making the journey to the neighbouring country France.

Talking about that time, the young man says, “To find myself playing for the lower age group when my colleagues had been nailing it in Premiership, it was crushing my confidence to be honest and I was not sure where I was going with that. So, at that point for Newcastle to spend that much to have me, I can’t thank them enough for that.”

“It was great personally as Rafael understood my condition and gave me all the time I would have wanted before playing and obviously, as you start having game time, the fluency comes in. However, relegation made it a little bitter at the end.”

“I had regretted so much having lost the opportunity to go to my first World Cup, but, here is another competition and here is another opportunity to wear my country’s jersey at a huge podium. It’s up to me to do well enough in the coming friendlies to get my name into the final cut.”

Townsend still has not got that France ticket in his hands like anybody else. The England squad is to be shortened, but, for him to be left out is not the likeliest because if Roy Hodgson had not had to take him to the tournament, he would not have selected him in the first place.